Earth Heroes TV Media Team

There are many many hands and hearts that make EHTV a reality. From the people we interview to the tech people we hire to build our platform.

We are growing EHTV into a forest of friends together. Below you find our current executive caretakers and ecosystem gardeners:

Shay Ryan Douglas

Executive Director &
Co-Founder EHTV

Thomas Lowth

Executive Editor &
Co-Founder EHTV

Amber Legay

EHTV Wellness Program Coordinator & Yoga Teacher

Souvereign Freedom

PR, Strategy & Technical Development Advisor

Family of Content Creators for EHTV

Our family of content creators is steadily growing and we are always looking for more amazing people to join our conscious media creator tribe! Below are our inspiring EHTV Content Creators:

Imanee & River
The Regenerations Series & Hempire

A powerfully inspiring team based in the USA creating conscious media for building out the New Earth. Touching, moving, and inspiring content that brings together the sovereign solutions of the future through Hemp, Private Membership Associations, New Earth Education and so much more. Discover More -->

Imanee & River

The Regeneration Series

Dr David Martin

Dr David helped to document and track white-collar crimes through invented technologies that help to trace the flow of funding. Since he’s helped Sen Ron Paul and Ron Johnson to hold Dr Anthony Fauci accountable for his actions! David Martin, the businessman, professor, author, storyteller, inventor, global foresight advisor, father, friend and Creator of the MCAM CNBC IQ100 index, specialises in putting humanity back into humans – and business.

Dr David Martin


My Health Podcast &

Uplifting, insightful and empowering knowledge for navigating the ascension process. As we move from 3D into 5D Carrie-Anne brings us people whos lifework it is to assist, study and teach on the subjects of Ancient Civilizations, Indigenous Wisdom Teacheings, Manifesting Mindfulness, Yoga and Wellness practice and so much more. Visit her channel --> My Health Podcast

Carrie-Anne Fields

My Health Podcast

Grace Asagra (Quatum Nurse)
& the Freedom International Broadcasters

Leading the way in getting the most significant and relevant voices of our time onto Earth Heroes TV (!!) Grace and the team of broadcasters have created a format that makes podcasting a real WE experience. Accessible, super informative and leading voices in the fight for freedom, health sovereignty and the protection of our future generations. Discover More --> Quantum Nurse

Grace Asagra RN

Freedom Broadcasters



Dr Espen

Dr E TV Interviews

Reinette Senum's

Reinette Senum’s Chew On This! Blogger, storyteller, human-foghorn; Reinette is a community curator & activist determined to find and share the truth.

Reinette Senum's

Chew on this!

Dennis O, Connor

join Dennis in this awakening in health series

Awakening in Health

Dennis O,Connor

Amber Legay

Welcome to this meditation series where we will work on simple meditation techniques that will give you the tools to continue your meditation journey. 


Yoga & Wellness

Syntropy with Souvereign

I am inspired by Life and my deepened understandings of how life functions and I comprehend that those lifeways of nature benefit being shared with the world, so that humanity can navigate again in syntropy with life instead of against it. For much more and the full course in Syntropy:


Syntropy with Souvereign

Campbell Will

Campbell Will is a certified Wim hof method instructor, Qualified Physiotherapist & Breathwork teacher

Teaching people to speak the language of the nervous system with the breath.

Breathing affects state of mind state of body and your emotions!

Focusing on breath awareness, breath check in, and coherence breathing. 

Campbell Will


Shay Ryan Douglas

Journey with Shay. Today, Shay is on a mission. His goal is to empower you with the knowledge and tools to reclaim your power and take responsibility for your lives. He is committed to having a positive impact on the world by encouraging others to realise their full potential to live a thriving wholesome life.

Shay Ryan

Journey with Shay

Ole Dammegard

These times we are in offer each of us an opportunity to wisen up quickly and learn how choosing from Love is the real change-maker because our sovereignty of self and our embodiment of that is only possible when Love is active.

Ole Dammegard

Wake up - From Prison to Paradise

Michael Joseph

Michael trained with Deepak Chopra & his Team at his centre, The Chopra Centre, to become a Chopra Ayurveda Perfect Health Teacher. Michael is the Head Yoga Teacher & Senior Massage Specialist. Michael oversees the Yoga Program & Deep Massage & Bodywork Experiences at The Deep Retreat.

Michael is fully qualified Yoga Teachers & Massage Therapists with some specialized in Yoga, Stretch Therapy, Naturopathy & Kahuna Massage

Michael Joseph

Yoga for men with Michael Joseph