Raising Consciousness

Exclusive 3-Day Transformational Experience
Apply Now for 22 - 23 October 2022
Sunshine Coast Australia


Come connect to your essence and Drop into a Transformational space.

Join Shay Ryan Douglas, International speaker, Community Connector, Netflix Personality & EHTV creative director in a life-shifting experience.

This will be a unique opportunity with a conscious group of the connected like-minded tribe, ready to release and let go of all that is holding them back.  Access higher states of consciousness that opening your heart and connecting to your breath can lead you to.

Let go of all your stress, anxiety, fear, shame, guilt and pressures…

In this experience, you will be led through a variety of modalities from meditation to vision quest work to breathwork & beyond.

What others have to share about the experience


6 am opening yoga and meditation

bring your mat and water
8 am begin seminar experience
6 pm finish for the day

6 am opening yoga and meditation

bring your mat and water
8 am begin seminar experience
6 pm finish for the day

The time to Awaken Humanity and Activate change is Now

About Shay Ryan Douglas

Shay left his homeland at the age of 17 to follow his passions and pursue his dreams of playing professional sports overseas. It propelled him into an unexpected journey of twists and turns, searching for adventure, acceptance and love.

Through a transformational process of inner self-discovery, he has found liberation in taking full ownership of his own personal story. Sharing his imperfections with the world has helped him break through a mountain of fears, judgments and expectations of others.

It’s his life goal to take full responsibility for his life and embrace an authentic lifestyle, full of purpose and meaning. He shares a vision to create a world where we value equality, integrity and respect. A world that is wildly passionate, connected and whole.

Just some of the benefits of this experience are:

– Activates the Higher States of Consciousness

– Unlocks Blocked Emotions

– Relieves Anxiety, Fear and Stress

– Decreases Depression

– Relieves Physical Pain

– Invigorates new energy

– Connect to your higher self





Is this experience for you?

  • You know you need to move forward, however, old patterns are holding you back.

  • You are seeking to find answers to inner questions.

  • You desire to trust life & yourself more deeply.

  • You desire radical shifts and healing so that a positive new beginning can occur.

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What others are saying about this experience

<p>What others are saying about this experience</p>

"To listen to a young man like Shay tell his life story, where he was caught up in this world that we live in and now he's really found a new path and realising theres work to be done on this planet, in a hurry and we need more people like Shay out there, telling his story and influencing other people to really share more loving kindness. Love for our planet, each other and ourselves. It gave me a lot of hope."

Ross O'Reilly,  Educator Mentor and Coach Dec. 2019

Ross O'Reilly

What others have to say

High Valley Dawn Permaculture Farm Operator, Educator, Mentor and Coach Ross O'Reilly, talks on the need of sharing authentic real stories of Change and Transformation.

What you'll learn:

How to harness the unlimited power and potential of Natural, Universal Law

Understand Frequency, Energy and Magnetism

Breakthrough limiting beliefs and embody your truth

Feel Freedom from within and expand your Awareness