About the Film

The Quantum Documentary is a feature documentary about the transformational work of Dr Espen and his Quantum Advanced event.

Dr Espen is a researcher of Neuroscience and Quantum Physics, Chiropractor, Conscious Business Mentor, and Multi 7-Figure “SoulPreneur” who teaches his clients how to use the power of their own Consciousness to turn Obstacles into Opportunities.

About Dr Espen

Dr Espen went from 2 broken legs and a near-death hospital infection to heal himself from the inside out, to become a personal development teacher, loving father, and a Master of all 8 Areas of Life.

As a sought-after Speaker, Conscious Business Consultant, and Quantum Coach, Dr Espen provides his students with the exact same tools and strategies he used to go from humble beginnings to becoming the co-founder and CEO of multiple 7-figure businesses while helping over 250,000 students worldwide reach their personal and professional potential.

Dr Espen’s signature event The Quantum Experience delivers you the same art, science, and application of Consciousness that has transformed the lives of clients in over 12 countries through Quantum Healing, Peak Performance, Freedom, Joy, Abundance, and Impact in all 8 Areas of Life.


At the Quantum Advanced Experience, Dr Espen Hjalmby spends 3 days of transformation to help people discover their limiting beliefs, expand their hearts, and feel the Quantum field through breath work.

The Quantum Advanced Experience movie will show the journey of Dr Espen Hjalmby story from a boy as he overcomes extreme adversity to be the hero within. Now as an adult he spends his life transforming the lives of others. So they too can discover they are the hero they’ve been waiting for. 

"Using consciousness and quantum science at the foundation of personal development"

- Dr Espen

This is the number one Event in Australia to expand your consciousness in all 8 areas of life!

Success Stories!

“When I was doing the breath work I went to the most beautiful place you could imagine. The. I opened my eyes form the breath work I could see clearly for the first time with glasses. I could see peoples eyes and the trees. It’s been 11 years and I can finally see.”

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“It’s so profound, and I finally feel ready to move forward with my life now! I’ve not experienced anything like this, it’s so vulnerable, raw and real. I’d recommend this to anyone who is on a healing journey and wanted to explore and expand their minds.”


“The Quantum Advanced has allowed me to create new relationships and it has changed my life for the better!”


“It’s been amazing, learning to breath, who would have thought. Thanks to Dr Espen and his team!”


“I’m finally completely pain free, so that’s been pretty amazing relief.”


Meet the Team

Dr Espen

Producer & Starring

Damien Beebe

Director of Photography

Shay Ryan Douglas

Director & Producer

Thomas Lowth

Camera Operator and Editor

Adam Buchanan

Music Composer

Marcia Brunner


Ivan Knez

Camera Operator